Posted by: marshamwhite | January 22, 2010

Reality Shows: Promotion or Exploits

His motto... Love

Okay, I have to admit… I was a reality show junkie. Back then, shows like Survivor, Big Brother and America’s Next Top Model were addictive and I just couldn’t get enough of the back-stabbing, betrayals, tests of loyalty and overall, DRAMA. But nowadays, although there are a couple of shows that have my interest including Operation Repo, Project Runway, and Bad Girls Club (guilty pleasure…don’t judge me!), some reality shows are way too superficial and has me shaking me head asking why.

For one, I have no problem with people finding love on TV. Kudos to those that have actually found true love and have gone on to marry such as the Bachelorette’s Trisha and Ryan Sutter. On the other hand, however, there are shows that shouldn’t even be considered reality. When a show is predictable and the intentions of the show seem to exploit those involved, then that really frustrates me.

Take for example, VH1’s For the Love of Ray J. Ever since, Flavor Flav’s Flavor of Love 1,2 and 3, subsequent shows have promoted promiscuity and bad behavior. Women, well girls over 18, are willing to put themselves out there without thought of repurcussions and long-term behaviors that may be detrimental to their futures. In one episode, Flav asks some of his final ladies to give him “night cap” which refers to sex and on all three episodes, the ladies are heard moaning and screaming in his room. Ray J’s Cocktail, a name he gives one young lady upon meeting, shows a PG-13 shower into sex scene the night he has to choose between her and another girl. I’m not sure there’s any reality to these shows except to reveal what women will do to get that extra minute of fame.

Most are here for the publicity because most of the girls have either released sex tapes or taken nude pics before and after these shows. I hope these women see that they are only exploiting themselves. reported that one of Ray J’s girls and final three lady, Danger, lost custody of her newborn child. I’m not exactly sure if she was all right in the brain because during the show she confessed that she has thought of killing some of the other contestants and initially claimed that Ray J was the father of her unborn child. After the show, HipHopRX interviewed Danger and she claimed she used to be a prostitute. Hmmm, if prostitutes are allowed to be on reality shows then I’ll be damned!

Not sure how others feel about this but comment freely.

Photo by Dunechaser. Some rights reserved.

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