Posted by: marshamwhite | January 26, 2010

Other Blogs say…

So this past week the Pregnancy Pact was played repeatedly on Lifetime and although I did not get to watch the full movie, I wanted to see what other Bloggers are saying about this. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, here’s a brief rundown. A couple of teens at a Gloucester High School made a pact to get pregnant together before the completion of their high school career. I remember watching the news and thinking to myself hmmmm. This is somewhat of a backwards approach to pregnancy. While most teenage girls are trying there best to avoid getting pregnant and exploring contraceptives, these Gloucester teens seemed to think having babies were an accessory. Definitely missed the fashion tip of the century ladies!!

The Beantown Bloggery mentioned that the Pregnancy Pact movie was hypnotizing in that you couldn’t take your eyes away from the movie.I had the same feeling when I was told of the news. I mean I’ve heard of kids making pacts to practice sexual abstinence before marriage or even pacts to graduate from high school but not to get pregnant. It’s like intentionally giving up your childhood and rushing to the stresses of raising a child. But then again, maybe I’m just old-fashioned and not a great choice of being proactive.

Children’s Hospital Blog claimed that the pact was a cause for concern. Medical Director, Joanne Cox, revealed that although the rate of teenage pregnancy has declined nationally, there are still alarming increases in certain communities.She mentions education as the primary tool in reducing teen pregnancy,

Another blogger, SwrrlyGirl commented that the girls were trying to fill a void in their life. Part of me does feel sympathetic to these girls because if they felt so unloved and unwanted, then I’m grateful they did not attempt to pull off a suicide pact. Hopefully these girls learn to love themselves first.

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