Posted by: marshamwhite | January 31, 2010

Declare your curiosity

This past Wednesday, we had a wonderful guest speaker in my class. Stephanie Miller, director of digital media for CBS Boston Television, spoke about journalism as a product. Now many journalists may disagree with this statement but her reasoning was understandable. Miller said that the future of journalism is based on delivering the right product. As journalists, we are storytellers and need to build a community. She said that companies like Apple have developed communities because they have “affinity”. People trust Apple and its brands and are willing to purchase their products because Apple is a reliable source. There has been much anticipation for the new iPad because Apple claims it is one of their “most advanced technology” at an unbelievable price.

Miller went on to say that journalists need to find a way to engage in crowd sourcing in order to develop community, collaboration and participation from the public. She spoke about WBZ and its successful attempts to find out the needs and wants of consumers by challenging viewers to submit their questions, fears, passions in their “Declare Your Curiosity” campaign. After looking at WBZ’s  YouTube and Twitter page, I was completely in love with this program that later on this week, I’m going to declare my curiosity on taxes. Here’s a video of their curious promo on tolls.

Miller also gave us a peek into Colosys, a potential research tool that organizes various trends and gathers info from over 6,000 users that are declaring their curiosity. The goal of Colosys is to get a looks content from crowd and find the right story with as much accuracy as possible. Although there are many neighborhoods engaged, WBZ is finding it hard to attract the under 35 age demographic. The 45 and older communities are the most active and are engaged in broadcast news. Miller said that since the broadcast news audience has changed, they are still trying to reach out to establish presence in the younger communities and building their brand loyalty.

It was great listening to he speak and I’m about to submit my curiosity and so should you!


  1. Thanks for loving the program. Keep declaring!
    Stephanie Miller

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