Posted by: marshamwhite | February 5, 2010

Plan B

Since the recession started, the unemployment rate has increased, people are being laid-off by their jobs and uncertainty into the future is on the minds of many Americans. I have always heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and I never really thought about what that meant until Wednesday. We had a guest speaker come in and talk to her about her current employment but her story spoke to me about perseverance and never giving up.

Like many Americans, getting laid off is probably one of the worst experience anyone could ever face. Some people sink into depression and complain about their current situation while others, take their unemployment status and start employing…themselves. Jennifer Lord Paluzzi worked at the MetroWest daily news for several years. But on Oct.08, Paluzzi was laid off. While she was at MetroWest she continued with the daily changes of technology and learned how to post information online, edit video, blog, and digital photography.

“I knew the Journalism industry would go away,” she said.

After nine months of being laid off, the Greater Grafton Blog was created. Paluzzi wanted to start this website because no one would really cover stories in that town. The town people were impressed by her work and even gave her a gift certificate to buy a new digital camera to use for the blog. Paluzzi was contacted by publisher, Jack Schofield, who asked her to edit his blogs. In less than no time, the was created. Soon, other towns like Millbury and Shrewsbury wanted to have their own websites. Now there are 6 news sites up and running and Paluzzi admits they are have a lot of good advertising.

Now is becoming one of the fastest growing media business and the only one that is hiring writers.

So what can we learn from this story? Simply put… when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and lots of it!

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