Posted by: marshamwhite | February 9, 2010

How to be seen

Blogging has become one of the most popular forms of social networking. Today, companies are trying to market to various demographics through websites like Twitter and Facebook. For inspiring media sensations, the most difficult part of blogging is getting people to follow your blog posts and comment on them. Steve Garfield, who I consider to be a Video Blogging Extraordinaire, was a guest speaker in our “Reinventing the News” class and shared his passion for blogging and offered some tips on how to get seen.

Garfield used to work in marketing and was a producer for a radio show. He always had a passion for audio and video production and while he still had his full-time job he managed to do video bogging on the side. In 1997, Garfield started blogging and was surprised to find out that no one was doing video blogging so he started inserting videos in his blog post on Jan.1, 2004. YouTube rolled around in 2005 so it is safe to say that Garfield commenced the video blogging phenomenon to the world. Currently, Garfield has become a household name in the social networking world and has been coined an expert in the blogging field, signed a book deal,  done countless interviews, and seen on BBC, CNN and other major media outlets. His work as a Reporter for and his continuous blogging and streaming has earned him great results.

One of the first tips Garfield gave us in getting seen is having our own name on the web. He owns and always makes sure he includes that in the beginning of his video blog. A second tip he gave us is to “own your name” on Twitter and Facebook because people will be able to remember your name.

Garfield also showed us his streaming tool used to grab and capture moments at all times with his iPhone and instantly share it to the world. allows him to do live stream. He explained that the basic format of live streaming is an intro where you state your name, a body with the interview and an end with where to visit the URL.

One of the greatest tips he gave was challenging the class to start doing citizen journalism. CNN’s iReport allows everyday people to submit video reports on anything that is media worthy. He actually ended up on iReport when he showed the Obama election results and it landed him with companies sending him $5000 worth of products to market them on his video blogs.

So, if you’re thinking of becoming the next video blogger of the century, try his tips. In the meantime, check out some of his work.  Till next time America, bye bye.


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