Posted by: marshamwhite | February 24, 2010

Clubbing in the Bean

Okay we all know that clubbing in NY is not the same as clubbing in MA. When I go back home to Yonkers, I will go into a club at around 2 or 3am. In Boston, however, the club ends on average not 2am but around 1:50am. I don’t have to worry about transportation back home because the subway runs 24hrs a day. But in Boston, you either have to hail a taxi or make sure you get a ride back in someone’s car. Granted,  there are some clubs in Boston that I have to give shout outs to.

Now, for one I am mostly interested in clubs that have a Caribbean theme meaning those that play a good deal of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and some Hip-Hop. So, I won’t be including Rumor or the Roxy. One night that I attend religiously is “International Sundays” at Venu (on Sundays, ofcourse). The crowd is diverse and more importantly the music is off the chain. DJ Paul Michael does a great job bringing in the Caribbean vibes and making me, and the rest of the west indians at the club, feel at home. At Venu, I am brought into a carefree atmosphere and am beaming from cheek to cheek. Girls are rocking the hottest outfits and most people are dressed upscale.

Another club that I frequent is Unity Sports Club on Saturday. Located in Dorchester, it is a chill spot to sweat, sweat and sweat. Soca “riddims” of Machel Montano, Allison Hinds, Destra and many other artists. If you’re comfortable  dancing with the over 30 crowd, then this place is for you. There are several occasions where I saw a woman well in her forties “dropping down low” and giving us a “show” (if you know what I mean lol)

In addition to Venu and Unity, Caribbean music club goers should also check out Saturday nights at Russell Auditorium and Kays Oasis in Dorchester. Now I know Dorchester may be frightening for some but in my experience, I  have never been shot or feared for my safety. With that said check out some pics from my nightclub experience here.

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