Posted by: marshamwhite | February 24, 2010

Oscar Predictions

Okay so the Oscars will be aired in a couple of days and I wanted to know who people are predicting to win. Of course, I had to look at the best film critic of all time, Roger Ebert’s predictions. Now some of you may not know but Ebert recently appeared on Oprah after his jaw surgery.I commend him for coming back and hope he continues to be filled with life and success! Other people like the also made some predictions. Now since everybody is predicting, I figured I’d get into the hang of things and do my own predicting as well.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will air on March 7th and here are my predictions on who will win.

Best Picture: Avatar or Up in the Air

Actor in a Leading Role: George Clooney

Actress in a Leading Role: Gabourey Sidibe

Animated Feature Film: Princess and the Frog

Film Editing: Avatar

So tune in next Sunday to see if I was a great or horrible predictor.

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