Posted by: marshamwhite | March 13, 2010

International Idol

As a graduate student, I have learned a lot about diversity and have accustomed myself to certain cultures and customs. Northeastern University is an arena of diverse people from all around the world. In light of Black History Month, the International Scholar and Student Institute (ISSI) paired up with NUCalls, a language instruction program, to create an event which celebrates various languages and is a spin off of  American Idol. The event, International Idol, brought students of various backgrounds on stage singing popular songs of their country in their language. Some sang in Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. The whole concept was to appreciate music from all over the world and overall, support diversity. The program had judges critique singers that were in the competitive section and offer tips, suggestions and overall feedback of their performance. It was certainly a night to remember and AfterHours was jam packed.

Check out the video here.

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