Posted by: marshamwhite | March 17, 2010

Twitter Experiment

This week, my class was assigned a very interesting project where we had to follow ten people for a day on Twitter. I joined Twitter a couple months ago and had lost interest. Why? Well, for one, Facebook is more of my thing. I like the layout much better than Twitter and I feel more connected with my family and friends. I actually thought that Twitter would be a replacement for Facebook but I was completely wrong. At first it was exciting following or should I say “stalking” famous celebrities and finding out the latest news, but after a while, I got extremely addicted and my brain was on a social media overload. So, revisiting my twitter page was an interesting experiment. I found some really cool people and organizations that I want to share with you. For the rest of the semester, I am going to focus exclusively on events, Caribbean music and news, and entertainment. So here’s who I followed:

  1. It was great following MediaTakeOut and theYBF because it kept me in touch with the latest in African-American celebrity gossip and news. On theYBF, I received tweets every hour on celebrity updates including the Mo’Nique Show comedy tour winners, DMX recent six month sentence to jail, Tiger Woods and the Masters and some celebrity spottings. With MediaTakeOut, there were less tweets and a lot raunchier than theYBF. So if you’re looking for celebrity truth, I would suggest follow theYBF; they seem more trustworthy.
  2. Now, in almost all of my blogs, I mention that fact that I am from the Caribbean and take pride in my culture and heritage. I used the TweetDeck dictionary to find several accounts relating to Caribbean culture. I followed IrishandChin, which is a global marketing group that specializes in Caribbean artist management and promotions and was disappointed in their lack of tweets and updates. I usually receive several emails from the group weekly and was surprised that their last tweet was on Feb.18. I also followed other Caribbean pages including jamrockmagazine and CaribTweet which seemed to follow the same trend. The DancehallMobi page was the best account for staying connected to people in the West Indies and they provided numerous music releases by reggae artists within minutes of each other. With that said, it made me conclude that Caribbean media does not rely on Twitter solely to connect to their consumers.
  3. Through IrishandChin, I followed EtanaAsStrongOne and TamiChynn, two of my favorite reggae artists. It was great seeing the interactions between them,other reggae artists and their followers. Twitter actually makes celebrities seem like normal people and as I followed them, I felt like they were sharing a piece of their everyday life with me. They were more personal with their tweets and provided links to their songs. Twitter is a great resource for musicians and getting the latest on new releases. Check out the latest song from TamiChynn here.
  4. I regularly go on to look for job postings relating to my field or just to get an overview of the job postings in my area. This account also had a low number of tweets. The most recent tweet is about their monthly job trend report that was submitted about 23 hours ago.
  5. Last but certainly not least, I followed Oprah. Why? Isn’t it obvious? She is social media at its best and I aspire to be like her. There were over 3.25 million followers but her last tweet was on March 3rd. Very disappointing. I expected her to tweet about her show and O Magazine but I guess it’s cool to have someone like Oprah as a friend regardless of who’s following who.

Twitter coverage was interesting but I highly doubt I’ll be using it often. I think that in order to be a hardcore Twitter follower, you have to have an iPhone or some type of internet access on your phone. There was a lot of hype from my peers and when I decided to join, it was addictive but only for a few weeks. I do enjoy social networking but I feel like Twitter is a secondary source and I would much rather rely on Facebook. After all, I found out about the earthquake in Haiti and other major events through Facebook.

So thanks Facebook and goodbye Twitter.

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