Posted by: marshamwhite | April 12, 2010

Anonymous posting or real names?

We are all familiar with the comments section of a news article that allows for readers to post their opinions freely. Well, this exercise of our right to “freedom of speech,”I think, have been taken advantage of.  A lot of people post anonymously on these sites and the feedback they provide is far from constructive. I’ve seen comments on some sites that are racially motivated and offer a very ignorant perspective. Take for example Northeastern’s independent newspaper, the Huntington News, which offer students an option of commenting on a story. Even though you are required to enter your name, email in order to comment, people falsify their names and emails. I recently read, “Ryan Fox re-elected SGA President,” one person posing as “almost alum” wrote “what a tool.” Now, a student posted a letter to the Huntington News about the Student Government and there were 20 comments under the letter. Some of the comments were constructive, while most were pretty disappointing. A reader posting as “NU’s Voice of Reason” called the author a “stain upon the fabric of society, and a drain on the prestige of this university.” The author actually challenges the person and asks him to reveal his identity.

The author posted,”if you have something to say about me, then please post you name, other wise all I know is that there is one really bored person out there who doesn’t like me.”

I actually agree with that statement because anonymous posting gives people a cowardly way of addressing situations. I think that anonymous posting should be completely erased or there should be a better system in place for people to comment only if they are registered with the news organization and provide factual information about themselves.

I definitely think that this sort of action should occur at other professional news sites such as the New York Times,, etc. I think it ultimately takes away ignorance in society and provides a way for constructive dialogue and feedback that may ultimately better the world.


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