Posted by: marshamwhite | April 21, 2010

Journalism Entrepreneurship

Dan Gregory, a Northeastern senior academic specialist in the  School of Technological Entrepreneurship spoke to us about journalism entrepreneurship. His role as the adviser for Idea, Northeastern’s venture accelerator, helps students to organize and develop their business goals and objectives.He encouraged the class on using our skills as journalists to start our own business in the future.

I think that combining journalism and business is a great resource for the community. Global Post is a great example of journalism entrepreneurship and their role in society proves that if you have a vision and implement that vision, it will serve the public good. Global Post reaches a large demographic and covers stories all over the world.

If I were to start an organization, I think it would follow the same model as Global Post. I would gather a team of journalists and send them to various Caribbean islands. They will report stories with multimedia dimensions and be the premier news source for Caribbean news. Like the Boston Haitian Reporter, I want Caribbean-Americans and Caribbean immigrants living in the US to have a better sense of what is happening back home. Whether it’s social, political or issues relating to the economy, I want my organization to stand out from the rest and also provide up-to-date access from blogs.


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